Java Coding

Code a program using the methods you created in LE 5.3. Use the sample output (below) to determine the logic of your method calls in the main().  Consider the following:


  1. Re-read LE 5.3 instructions to determine the global variables.
  2. Use the data in the sample output to test your LE 5.4.
  3. Be aware of invoking an empty call to nextLine() after a call to nextInt().
  4. Other than the exit statement, the main() can just call guests(), which is LE 5.3’s 1b, and totalPartyCost(), which is LE 5.3’s 1e.  The arguments in the method call to totalPartyCost() will themselves be method calls.  Consequently, there will be a series of chained method calls.  E.g.:  method1(method2(arg1), method3(arg1));
  5. Name the program as
  6. SAMPLE OUTPUT LE 5.4.pdf >>> (See Atthachments)