IT, Web

Order Instructions/Description

Your company (real or fictive) would like to present some of its spatial information on a website or as part of an app. As the only professional with experience on spatial databases and spatial queries you are asked to build a prototype spatial database, add all the relevant shapefiles in the most appropriate coordinate system and create the most likely spatial queries to be used for the website. Your application’s prototype should typically include at least 8-10 (different types of) SQL queries from which between 5 and 10 (different types of) spatial queries are to be tested.

The report, expected to be typically between 500-750 words long, should:
Explain the specific application and its need; you can draw a sketch of the webpage(s) by hand if necessary.
Briefly introduce the data being used.
Explain the different functions of the webpage(s) as well as the related queries. Any relevant SQL spatial queries should be fully presented in the report (not part of the word count).
Briefly discuss issues encountered and how they were handled.
Further guidelines (including referencing, formatting and content) are detailed in the Unit4_Project PowerPoint presentation.

Submission and deadline

Note that this project is worth 45%. Interviews (typically 10-15 minutes) will take place on the day of the submission: 9th December? TBC; an interview schedule will circulate in the coming weeks. You are expected to submit a printed copy of the report at the start of the interview.

During the interview you are expected to:
Have your database open in PostgreSQL
Briefly explain your application
Run the various queries.