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The purpose of this assignment is to for you to learn how to use the Arduino to collect data for an experiment by taking advantage of the Arduino analog-to-digital converters (ADC) to read voltages. For the assignment, you will be measuring the internal temperature of a grape as it is plunged into an ice bath. The temperature sensor is the thermistor that is in your tool kit. If you did not get the tool kit, borrow the thermistor from another student, or order one online from the tool kit source or from another source.


The assignment writeup is in the Arduino Data Acquisition document. As described in the document, the assignment deliverable is a 2-page (no title page) lab report. The results section of the report should include a plot of temperature versus time for your cooling experiment, along with the curve fit and the value of the estimated time constant. Do not include tables of the raw data. Data from one experiment is required, but if you wish, you can report on more. Upload the lab report to Moodle to complete the assignment.