Issues that affect women

For many years, the subject of women has been a problem to the society of man. Studies carried by various authors indicate that women mistreated despite playing an important role in the society. Indeed, for every community to prosper a woman is needed. Women issues has been a subject of discussion in daily life of man. Women issues refers to the things that affect the well-being of the female gender such as sexual violence, subordination, parenting, harassment among others (Waddell 14). The women, therefore, have become an endangered species in the Commonwealth. The essay will try to examine the issues that affect the women in the community.

Parenting has become a serious that challenge the women in the society as a whole. Women have been burdened with the responsibility of taking care of children alone. Most women find it hard to shoulder this burden alone. Poverty, drug abuse and lack of support from the other partner contributes to the problem of proper parenting of the children (Stephanie 27). When subject to these situations women become stigmatized and thus resort to hazardous practices such as sex workers to earn a living. The women use the money got from the embarrassing and harmful practice to cater for the needs of the children and theirs too. Hence, parenting becomes a serious problem that affect women in the commonwealth.

Indeed, sex work is yet another challenge that women face in the society. Women with children sometimes find it difficult to explain to the children the nature of work they do. It becomes a problem to hide their practice given that they have to interact with their clients, prepare for work and take money in the presence of children. Agreed that parents should be role models but these characters inculcate negative behaviors to the children (Stephanie 13). Moreover, women are forced to the exposure of the practice since they cannot afford better lifestyles. Sex work, therefore, becomes a serious problem to the women in the community for lack of a better option in life.

Subordination at workplaces is yet another issue that affect the livelihood of women in the society. Traditionally, women have been perceived as being inferior to men. The rights of women have been violated while in the process of seeking better treatment and equality. Hence, the ideals of equality remain a dream in the minds of women. The women always struggle with the patriarchy in the political, economic and social structures of life. Men have adopted a tendency of oppressing, dominating and exploiting women in all spheres of life (Waddell 42). The existing trends have subjected women to have a place in household chores. To a greater, subordination has been viewed as a serious problem affecting women in the commonwealth.

Cases of rape have continued to be part of the lives of women in the society. Indeed, cases of have been reported across the world almost on a daily basis. Men have frequently harassed and sexually assaulted the women in the environments they reside in. The male gender has taken advantage of their masculine nature to molest women (Stephanie 19). Once a lady gets raped the act still lingers in their minds and forgetting it becomes a challenge. The offenders of rape have been punished heavily by the law, but the practice still continues to exist. The case of rape has, therefore, affected the women in the society.

To a greater extent, the issues concerning women have a serious problem in the society of man. Parenting roles have been left to the women alone. Children to be cared and loved by both parents. Conversely, the women have acted as sex workers to earn a living and support their children. While in the practice, they are exposed to risky situations emerging from their clients. Subordination is yet a serious problem that has affected the women as a whole, especially in the working environment. Women should, therefore, be treated just like other human beings and be accorded the respect they deserve.


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