Is the investment decision and the growth of European firms financially constrained?(Literature review)

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This assignment is to set up a model to explain ‘Is investment decision and growth of european firms financially constrained?’

In this case, I am going to split into two models by using panel data analysis in Eviews:

1. Model of investment decision (Cash and short term investment) and constraints (Total assets, cash and equity/current assets, total current liabilities).

2.Model of growth of firms (Total assets) and constraints (short term debt/long term debt, Total debt, Cash and short term investments).

Finally, these two models can be together into one model (Because ‘Total asset’, the dependent variable in model 2 is the same as the independent variable in model 1), then use this new model to explain the assignment topic.

I have done the data, you don’t need to find the data.

All you need to do are as follows:

1.Methodology of panel data modeling.
2.Assumptions of modeling.
3.Analyze and describe the data.
4.Test these two models according to methodology.(Like F value, T test, and so on)
5.Set up equations of two models.
6.Set up the new model (Put two models together) and set up the equation.