Investment Risk of a Equity Research Report

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The assignment
You are working in an investment banking company called XYZ as an equity research analyst. A customer approached you and asked you to give her your recommendation regarding one of two firms. The customer’s investment horizon is 5 years. The one firm is:
Automotive Holdings Group Limited: details about this firm, including its financial reports and latest news, can be found in the following link: ahg-reports-and-annual-reports

Analysts’ forecasts and other important details about this firm can be found in the following link on yahoo finance:
(Tips: To make your life easy, AHG shareholders’ required rate of return is around 14%)
Use analysts’ forecast of EPS for the next two years and the expected 5 years growth rate to make your forecast. You need also to calculate the current and the target price in one year. Do not take the target price reported in the above link as given and also do not forget to calculate the continuing value by the end of the forecast horizon.