Interview transcripts with coded notes

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Please read the interviews and edit/rewrite both in a correct way. Write an interview transcripts with your coded notes on them. Transcribe the findings/ data in coding and themes, at least 3 to 4 themes.

Interview 1:

When asked Abbey to describe a typical session of scrolling through your newsfeed media site she use most frequently she said, Twitter is the most thing she use and keep up with its news and stories. She follows a lot of friends on twitter. She like to read all the sarcasm comments and quotes that are posted there. She also said ” I do not care to read politic news, I only read it if i saw it in my friend’s page or if some of my friends sent me a link to read it other than that I do not search for it, I never follow political accounts, I avoid it. When asked why she said; Nowadays news are not good at all, nothing is positive when it comes to political news, that is why I avoid reading it, but if there is a big news that I really want to know about it and have more details I would definitely look for it in the actual news sites or channels that are credible such as fox news and NBC.
I also asked her to describe her thought when deciding to open a link to an article posted onto said news paper, her reply was ” I do not open a lot of links specially when it is from a source that I am not aware of or someone that I do not know. I do not trust random links that are posted everywhere. I only open the ones that comes from someone I know. ” since I am a sport major, I read a lot of sport news, and I often read it from ESPN sport. She said ” I do not browse to often”.
I asked her what methods does she use to decide whether or not the article or information she is reading is credible and reliable. She answered ” I just use the basic method that they taught us in classes not the one” ” I always stay away of any links or posts with advertising, I think most of them are not reliable, sometimes I feel that some people or companies use that way of posting fake news or stories just to attract the reader, for their own benefits. She lastly quoted ” it is not the social media, it is the links being shared on social media”

Interview 2:

When asked Brianna the same first question she said ” Instagram is the most I use, I post a lot of pictures there, I also rather looking at pictures than words, I usually look up my friends posts and pictures to see what is going back home, because I do not see them often, since I now live away from my hometown since I made the decision to study here in UCM ”
I asked her the same second question that I asked Abby, Brianna said: ” The first thing I do before opening g any link is to find out if its reliable or not” when asked how could she know, she said ” I try to look at the source that its coming from, sometimes also the title if its worth reading and if looks real. ” I prefer to open the links that come from a person that I know” ” Most the news that I actually read I read it on Facebook and sometimes when I read something that I am not really sure that is true or reliable, I go search for it in the actual newspaper to make sure the news or story I read on FB is true” when asked why she read most news from FB she said: ” I think reading a news from social media saves money, time and it is also convenient ”
When asked the last third question Brianna said: ” Some .com are reliable some not, but when I want to read or look for an information that I am 100% sure that its credible and reliable I look
for .edu, .gov, .org they are more reliable than .com , sometimes the author too” ” I think now snap chat is the most easiest way to to read of find news, it has a verities of news and its all reliable because it is from the actual sites for the news” ” social media made it very easy for us to find news, it is everywhere”