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ENG 3302 “Big Report” Assignment

Write a either a recommendation report (one recommendation) or a feasibility report (multiple recommendations). (This will be an internal report.)

–Front Matter [abstract (summary), table of
contents, list of illustrations, executive summary]

–Body [introduction, methods, results, conclusions, recommendation(s)]
N.B.: Recommendations section should be about half of the body.

–Back Matter [glossary, references, appendices]

• report should include illustrations, graphics, and
appendices as appropriate to your topic
• use MLA style
• SOURCES: You may use Internet, interviews, surveys,
field research, and so on, but you also need:
* at least 5 “print” sources
* at least 2 scholarly sources.

• double space (even the transmittal letter)
• number front matter w/ Roman numerals (we will discuss
this in class! Front matter ONLY is numbered with
small Roman numerals. Body of report and back
matter are numbered with Arabic numerals. N.B. that
numbers will continue from end of body through back
matter–back matter does not have a separate
numbering system.)

–Due Mon. 11/2/15, beginning of class

• title page
• abstract
• table of contents
• list of illustrations
• executive summary

• introduction
• methods
• results
• conclusions
• recommendation(s) (N.B.: check to make sure that this is the longest section.)


• glossary
• list of symbols
• references
• appendices
BOOK: Technical communication tenth edition by: Mark Markel