International Relations assignment

International Relations scholars appear to disagree on the causes of economic underdevelopment, and unequal distribution of wealth among nations. Neo-Marxist scholars explain these inequalities through a systemic theory, focusing on a world system that benefits some states disproportionally. Others argue that the causes of economic underdevelopment are to be found in unit-level attributes. Which of these two examples do you find most compelling? Why?

In a 600 word essay, describe the defense and foreign policy of the United States during the Cold War and the defense and foreign policy of the United States since September 11, 2001. Answer the below questions in your response:
• What was the U.S. defense and foreign policy in each of these periods?
• What are the key differences in policy between the two periods?
• Are there similarities in the defense and foreign policy of both periods?
• How have interest groups played a role in shaping U.S. defense and foreign policy in both periods?
• How have the three branches of government used the power of checks and balances to check the power of the other branches in the area of defense and foreign policy?
• Has the power of one branch of government to check the other branch on defense and foreign policy issues changed or shifted since the Cold War period? Does one branch of government have more power today in the post-9/11 period compared to the Cold War period?

Your paper should be written using proper APA format. You should also have proper APA formatted in-text citations and ending references.
Some suggested links by me you can use what references you would like, the assignment gives no specific.