International Human Rights Law

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Country A has been persecuting a minority in this Country for many years. This minority has its own province which is semi-autonomous but is part of Country A As part of this persecution Country A relies on private militias which are state controlled.

As the persecution gets worse, Country B sends troops into Country A. They are only in the province controlled by the minority and are there to protect them. Next the UN authorised Countries C and D to also send troops into Country A and will act under the control of the UN.

However it seems there are allegations by Country A of torture of its militias by the troops of Countries B, C and D

Therefore Country A wants to bring a unilateral action against countries B, C and D in the International Court of Justice. Also members of Country A’s militias want to bring criminal actions against Countries C and D and those individuals responsible before Courts in Country A.

What legal grounds are available and provide advice on these legal grounds of the claims and what procedural avenues are available.