International Health

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REFLECTIVE PAPER The reflective paper must have two elements. First, explain why you are taking this course and what you hope to learn. Second, say what you personally think is right now a major issue in international health and why you think it is a major issue. This paper should reflect your own views and as such you do not need to use any references. This assignment should be 500 words. Marks will be deducted if the paper is shorter than 450 words or longer than 550 words. For each 50 words or part thereof outside this limit 1 mark (out of 15) will be deducted, e.g., if the paper is 580 words 1 mark will be deduced, if it is 620 words 2 marks will be deducted. This assignment will be marked on the following: writing style, organization, how clearly you express your views. No references are necessary unless you are making factual statements, e.g., a statement such as “newborn infants are only being screened for 28 genetic disorders” would need a reference. Formatting requirements: • Typed on 8.5 x 11 inch paper • 12 point font • Double spaced • 1 inch margins • Spell-checked • Title page must have the following: o Your name o My name o Date of submission o Course number o Word count If the paper does not follow this style then 1 mark will automatically be deducted. YOU CAN KNOW ABOUT THE COURSE BY READING THROUGH THIS READINGS January 8 – Lecture 1: An introduction to the course: what are “international agencies” and why are they involved in health care issues? This lecture will introduce a taxonomy to classify the different types of international agencies, broadly outline their reasons for being involved in health care and describe how they work. Readings: The major international health organizations. Available at: January 15 – Lecture 2: Coalitions Looks at the People’s Health Movement. Why it originated, what its objectives are and the outcome of the third People’s Health Assembly. Readings: R. Narayan & C. Schuftan. The People’s Health Movement: A People’s Campaign for Health for All – Now! Perspectives on Global Development and Technology 2004;3(1-2):235-243. In course reader Werner D, Sanders D. Liberation from what? A critical reflection on the People’s Health Assembly, 2000 (PHA 2000). Available at
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