International Business Context

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Report has been divided into 4 parts. The part i need to be done which i have included is Part B. Report needs to reflect with Bahrain.

SCENARIO for the Research Plan/Research Report

You are a recent international business graduate employed in a multi-national corporation.  Your CEO will depart next week on a one-month business trip to identify the conditions favorable/ unfavorable for a wholly-owned subsidiary in various countries (e.g. Algeria, France) so that she may best determine likely opportunities to set-up a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company in that country. The CEO has asked you to prepare a country briefing paper in order to inform her of the key national, cultural, political, legal, environmental and economic factors (plus any current issues), that may affect the successful set-up and operation of a possible subsidiary in your chosen country. She expects a high quality written presentation.


It is expected that the research report be free of spelling, grammatical and expression errors. If the paper does not meet the required standard in these areas it will be failed. Please note that Student Services can provide support in these areas.


Country chosen for your report: Bahrain



PART B. Using Hoftstede Frame works, investigate the cultural issues that may impact on the set-up and operation of the subsidiary in your selected country (Bahrain), such as but not limited to expectations regarding, gift giving, greetings, titles and form of address, the concept of time including punctuality of meetings, the role of women, etc. You will need to contrast these factors with the cultural expectations as applied to business operations in Australia (or Malaysia for Sunway students). Note: A simple description of any of these factors that is not related to doing business in your selected country will cause marks to be deducted. (600-700 words)