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As a child in Saudi Arabia, I once watched a team of emergency medical service technicians take a man out of his home and into an ambulance.  As I watched this scene, I felt the powerful deed they performed unfold within myself, and a new desire was born.  The man’s life was entirely in their hands.  He needed perfect care and handling if he was to survive – these EMS gentlemen needed to be experts in care.

The image of that day did not fade from my memory, and in my youth, I earned a diploma degree in [SUBJECT].  This paved the way for me to work six months in Saudi Arabia as a nurse.  While I enjoy and respect nursing, my desire to be first on the scene of a medical emergency went unsatisfied.  I want to be the one who needs to be there in the initial, crucial moment, the person who knows that every second counts while handling the myriad of tasks an EMS technician juggles on the road.  That is why I am presently working toward a two-year degree in Emergency Medical Services.

However, I want to have an even greater impact than I thought possible as a child.  During my time working as a nurse, I witnessed lacking standards in both personnel and practice.  While uncommon, I was bothered by these moments and my inability to rectify these situations.  I was always able to report issues to a supervisor, but I often found my supervisor’s response to the decision less than sufficient.  Often, issues were swept under the rug in favor of an amiable work environment, and the patient’s care became the true victim of the situation.  These experiences have moved me to desire a larger, managerial role in Emergency Medical Services, where I can oversee individuals to ensure that high standards of care will be maintained.

Eventually, my goal is to become the head of an Emergency Medical Services division.  In doing so, I want to set the standards for others that will ensure efficient and sufficient practices for all employees.  Not only will medical standards be kept to a high standard, but I want to develop employment practices that ensure EMS technicians and their valuable co-workers are driven to excel in their positions.  In a job of continual, immediate stress such as this, employees often burn out quickly or can become careless.  The happiness of employees is important for ensuring their attentiveness, and many errors in the medical field are incurred not by incompetence, but exhaustion and apathy.  Minimizing the impact of these two factors is a large part of my eventual goal as a leader.

Working in a Master of Science in Emergency Management program is key

for achieving my goals.  As a student in a MS program, I will dedicate my research time to the study of effective employee practices in emergency medical services.  While the implementation of proper medicinal standards is an endless conquest, much of the work on this front has reached a point of satisfaction.  In contrast, the threat of employee error is ever present, and the tools for combating this threat are not nearly as widespread in the field.  Working to enhance my own understanding will put me in a position to ensure quality care is provided for those who need it, and I will have the satisfaction of knowing that I am helping save lives everywhere through proper policy implementation.


Thank you for considering my application.