Intercultural Conflict Analysis editing

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You will define and research a contemporary intercultural conflict and write a 10-15 page paper addressing the underlying forms of cultural identity that inform a conflict somewhere on the planet. The paper will follow the format discussed above and will include no fewer than 5 peer reviewed journal articles or reports on the issue and no fewer than 2 mainstream newspaper or magazine discussions of the issue. Such global intercultural crises could include: Immigration and multiculturalism in Europe, the exploitation of immigrant labor in certain countries (Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, the United States, etc.), sex trafficking in Asia, the United States or the Balkans, social stratification in India, idioms framing the abortion debate, social upheaval in Ukraine or social and economic inequality in Latin America. The paper must seek to understand the underlying culture or ideological systems that inform different sides of a conflict.

All class papers MUST be formatted in Size 11, in Tahoma font with 1 inch margins and 1.5 spacing, printed in black ink. Points will be deducted for failing to follow any of the following guidelines:
Do not use a separate sheet as a cover page.
A bibliography (including Web-site URLs) must follow the text immediately and NOT be placed on a separate page.
Spelling, grammar, punctuation, and writing style are important in communicating your ideas, and the failure to proofread will affect your grade (spell check alone is insufficient for this task).
The papers must inform the reader of the authors sources of information and should use a consistent citation style (such as that of the American Anthropological Association, or the Chicago Manual of Style, etc.).
Your name should appear single spaced in the upper right hand corner of the first page along with class designation, the assignment designation and the date of the assignment or of the event being reported.
Pages must be numbered consecutively from the first page.