Intelligent Agents

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Computers continue to become more capable, and they are able to handle many tasks thought impossible a few years ago. Autonomous, intelligent computer agents have been envisioned for some time and are now becoming feasible. These agents act like personal assistants. They gather information, make decisions, and respond to events based on rules and knowledge they gather. An agent may be hosted on a Web site, included in an application program, free-standing on your computer desktop, or embedded in a separate device. Suppose that you could create an intelligent agent to help perform some of you routine chores. Address these questions: 1. What functions do you most want to automate? 2. Describe how you and the agent would interact. 3. How would you know whether or not the agent is doing a good job? 4. What information and actions would you trust the agent to handle without specific approval? Answer the questions in your own words & in paragraph form. Download & read the Course Readings 4. Follow the APA Guidelines (file uploaded). Do not write introduction & conclusion. You can add additional sentences/paragraphs. You can research on the Internet or books/journals & you can add additional references. Course Readings 4 download link: