intellectual property

When you combine all of the sections in a word count you must post a minimum of 1000 words total. Continue to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts by incorporating them into your analysis and/or recommendations. A minimum of three references required. You may use the textbook for one of the three. PLEASE PUT USED REFERENCES AT THE END OF EACH ANSWERED QUESTION, SO I WILL KNOW WHAT REFERENCES GO WITH WHAT QUESTION.

Case Summary:

1.This case was written as a promotional piece to specifically show Anglo American in a favorable light. Conduct a research of the company for an objective view and summarize here.

Case Analysis:

2. Evaluate how technology, product, and process developments enable a large company like Anglo American to be sustainable, or not.

Executive Decisions:

3. Human rights is an important consideration in many facets of the mining industry. Assume you are part of the ethics committee for research and development. Discuss the various stakeholder groups and your concerns with each as they relate to human rights and technology in the mining industry.

Discussion question:

1. What is intellectual property? How can owners of intellectual property protect their rights?