Integrated Case Study Analysis (Prediction markets at Google)

Integrated Case Study Analysis (Prediction markets at Google)

Class: MBA Finals

Note: Before starting
You need to categorize the Problems Identified into different subject matters
Human resource Management (if any)
Project Management (if any)
Strategic Management (if any)
International Business (if any)
Marketing Management (if any)
Managerial Economics (if any)
Financial Management (if any)
Organizational behavior: Change management, motivation,e.t.c. (if any)
International Business (if any)
Categorize all the problems from least pressing to most pressing as regards to their area
Then u choose 4-5 areas to concentrate on during this project. The 4-5 most Pressing issues and most important problems areas should be chosen.
This should guide you through the whole of the project, they will be the area of focus throughout the project.

Executive Summary (0marks)

Chapter One 15Marks
Background of the case
Problem Statement (relevant to the focus area: categorize all the problems from least pressing to most pressing )
Research Questions (relevant to the focus areas)
Research aim and objectives
Significance of the study
Structure of the report

Chapter Two: Case Brief 15Marks
The Case brief you expression of understanding of the case study, the problems, issues e.t.c.
You describe the situation of the company, the problems / issues to be addressed in the project.
It should be explanatory, Professional and simple enough to understand
The use of technical (business terms ) is strongly advised when need to show your understanding
You use your own words. No References is expected in this chapter
Avoid using exact words as it is in the case study material ( it will raise similarities level when the work is submitted)

Chapter Three: Problem Statement and Plan of Analysis 10marks
This chapter, you explain the models/ theories/Analytical/ planning tools to be used to analyze the case
You take each of the 4-5 Subject areas and explain it separately e.g. Human resource, you take it as a subheading and point out the human resource problem in the case study, then you point out and briefly explain at least 5-6 models and theories/ analytical tools and concepts that can be used to analyze the case as regards to the subject matter
E.g PESTLE ANALYSIS, PORTERS FIVE FORCES, PORTERS GENERIC, BLUE OCEAN, E.T.C. When talking about human resources, you choose 5 theories that can be used to solve the human resource problems in the case study, u explains extensively with appropriate references (evidence of wide research and knowledge should be shown in every paragraph).
N.B: Extensive References are needed in this chapter
Use Tables, figures, graph, and any illustration when needed

Chapter Four: Analysis and findings 25Marks
In This chapter, the theories/models/ concepts/analytical tools used in chapter three (3) will be used to assess the case study. E.g. if PESTLE analysis is used, the current PESTLE environment of the business would be analyzed with the use of extensive research and references.
This is an assessment of the current position: derived from the concepts, theories, models e.t.c. Referred to in chapter 3.
N.B: Extensive References are needed in this chapter. Use Tables, figures, graph, and any illustration when needed

Chapter five: Proposed solution to Problems 20Marks
In this chapter, you proffer solutions to the problems and issues Identified in the case study
You generate ideas and alternative solutions and you choose a “best fit” solution from the options.(it should be workable, realistic and imaginative solution)
Decides on an action plan/business plan
Outline how to implement it
Consider what might go wrong and how to monitor the success of the action plan recommended.

Harvard Referencing Style ( in-text)
All identified issues should be discussed fully, thoroughly and comprehensively
The structure of the paper should be well presented, use of tables, figures, pictures when necessary.
There should be excellent choice and threading of quotations into arguments and good counterpoising of a range of perspectives
Good, Clear, organized and neat writing
Word Limit: 6000 Words excluding References and appendices
Do not go above word limit