Informed Consent

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Reading Materials
Tong, Ch. 2 (pp. 24 – 37 from (Sections IV, V, VI) “Ethical Theories and Principles in Health Care”) & Ch. 3
Levine, pp. xxv – xxix (from “Introduction”), Issue #1 & Issue #2
A. What is Arnold’s primary reason for arguing that informed consent is still central to medical ethics? What is O’Neill’s primary reason for arguing against this view? (Note that Arnold lists objections to his view in order to answer them fully before presenting his own suggestions. Also, note that O’Neill looks at the historical evolution of the doctor-patient relationship in establishing her views.) Explain each position in detail.
B. Do you find yourself more in agreement with Arnold (Yes), O’Neill (No), or would you construct a modified/combined view of elements from each view? Support your views with valid research and well-reasoned explanation.
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