Information Systems�and �Interaction

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1 CSC-­‐10032  -­‐ Information  Systems  and  Interaction Coursework  2014/15 Deadline:  11.59pm  on  Friday  1st May Scenario A  pet  supplies  chain  (known  as  Stoke  Pet  Supplies)  has  asked  you  to  implement  a   simple  database  to  hold  product  and  stock  details  for  each  of  their  stores.  Each   store  stocks  a  number  of  the  pet  supply  products  which  are  made  available  for   purchase,  with  each  product  being  uniquely  supplied  by  one  external  supplier   (though  one  supplier  may  provide  many  different  products).  Stoke  Pet  Supplies   requires  two  reports  to  be  produced  in  order  to  enable  proper  stock   management.  The  first  report  should  record  the  stock  levels  for  each  product  at   each  store,  this  report  should  be  grouped  by  store  to  make  it  easier  to  read.  The   second  report  should  provide  information  on  how  many  products,  and  it  what   quantities,  Stoke  Pet  Supplies  currently  stocks  from  each  product  supplier  – this   is  to  enable  higher  management  to  assess  how  popular  certain  products  are   across  their  entire  organisation.   Whilst  implementing  the  database  system  (following  the  steps  below),  you   should  apply  common  sense  and  make  any  necessary  minor  administrative   decisions.  Your  coursework  report  is  to  document  your  work  in  carrying  out  the   following  steps,  and  include  sufficient  information  about  the  system   implemented  that  it  can  be  understood  without  difficulty.   Task  1  – Complete  in  MS  Word/PDF  (Report) a)  Produce  a  first-­‐cut  Entity  Relationship  (ER)  Diagram  for  the  system.   [5%] b)  Carry  out  the  Relational  Data  Analysis  procedure  from  the  “Organising  Data   and  Structured  System  Analysis”  lectures.  Include  details  for  each  normal  form   (up  to  3rd  normal form),  and  the  resulting  ER  Diagram.   [20%] c)  Following  the  examples  from  the  “Organising  Data  and  Structured  System   Analysis”  lectures  and  practicals,  use  your  ER  Diagram  and  normalised  attributes   to  produce  a  Relational  Database  Schema. [5%]   Task  2  – Complete  in  MS  Access a)  Implement  your  database  in  Microsoft  Office  Access,  complete  with  sample   data  (5-­‐15  records  per  table).  Remember  to  use  appropriate  data  types  and  to   implement  necessary  relationships.   [10%]   b)  Implement  in  Microsoft  Office  Access  the  two  reports  outlined  in  the  case   study.   [20%]   2 Task  3  – Complete  in  MS  Word/PDF  (Report) You  have  also  been  asked  to  create  a website  for  the  organisation described   above to  use  to  sell  products  directly  to  customers.     The  first  step  of  the  design  process  is  to  look  at  competitors  /  alternative  sites   with  a  similar  purpose.    Locate  and  review  four  alternative  sites,  considering   their  use  of  design  patterns,  icons  and  metaphors.     You  should  document  this  process  in  you  report  including  screenshots  and  a  few   sentences  about  each  pattern,  icon  or  metaphor,  explaining  what  it  is  and  how  it   relates  to  the  real  world  process  it  resembles.     [20%] Task  4  – Complete  in  MS  PowerPoint  and  insert  screenshots  of  the  finished   pages  into  your  MS  word  /  PDF  report The  next  stage  is  to  design  two  of  the  pages  of  the  site,  the  homepage  and  a   product  page.    You  should  create  two  designs,  one  design  optimised  for  a   desktop  computer,  a  second  design  optimised  to  be  viewed  on  a  mobile  phone. Include  screenshots of  all  four  pages  in  your  report  document,  and  annotate  each   page  with  your  design  decisions.   [20%] General  information Your  report  should  be  presented  in  a  professional  manner,  and  include  a  title   page  as  well  as  a  table  of  contents.    When  marking  the  report  it  should  be   obvious  to  the  marker  which  work  goes  with  which  task  (and  sub-­‐tasks).