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Information Resource Management
Written Article Requirements for five extra credits:
Each student is responsible for researching, selecting, and reporting on a current article (of at least 5 pages) related to Information Resource Management. A short summary and analysis must be written and submitted on the article. The article Summary should be 1- 2 pages and the Analysis must be at least 2 pages (failure to do so will result in the loss of 1.0 point). Please double-space your paper. Use 12pt fonts and 1 inch margins.

Article source and writing requirements:
• Source of article will either be a Management, Business, or Information Technology magazines, journals, books or web-sites.
• Published recently (2013 or later) 
• Summarize findings reported in article.
• Analysis of findings found in article.

Each article assignment will have five parts:

1. Full bibliographic information, including:
• author(s)
• article title 
• journal/source title 
• date of journal/source
• page numbers (of the article)
Browning, John; “A Survey of Information Technology”; The Economist; June 16, 1990; reprinted in Management of Information Systems (Second Edition); Gray, King, McLean, and Watson (eds.); Dryden Press; 1994; pp. 16-43.

2. Your name and Student Id number
3 Summary of the article, approximately 1- 2 pages. This tells what the article says. Use your own words to explain the author’s ideas.
4. Analysis of the article, approximately 2-3 pages. In an organized and coherent manner, explain how the article possibly relates to some part of this course. In addition, you may wish to cover some or all of:
Did you like the article? Why? Did the author write clearly and appropriately? What was the intended audience? Were the examples/conclusions appropriate? Were the graphs/figures/tables/charts helpful? Was the experimental design/statistical analysis appropriate?
Would the author’s ideas work in reality? Where? 
5. Include a copy of the article.


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