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Group Presentation Instructions


Instructions:  Every student must choose one health behavior topic related to cardiovascular disease prevention on which to do group research and prepare a 12-15 minute class presentation. (10-12 slides)


Students will  research the topic and identify issues that are relevant to cardiovascular diseases and then prepare a presentation.


Part of your presentation will be to provide your fellow classmates useful Patient Education Handout about your specific topic from a reliable online site such as the American Heart Association (other possible sources include the Cleveland hospital and other hospital websites, drug company websites, Mayo Clinic website, National Institutes of Health, American Diabetes Association,  etc. ).  Note:  a Patient Education Handout is not the same as a fact sheet or other document.  It is specifically designed for people with a particular condition and will have useable advice on how to live with, prevent and/or manage a disease.


  1. Everyone in the group must participate in the presentation
  2. Each group’s presentation should be about 10-12 minutes with at least 10-12 slides.  The first slide should not mention the  topic and group members names.
  3. Each group must have a patient education brochure/handout.  This is usually formatted as a PDF document but can be a WORD document.  You do not have to make it up yourself.  Go to a hospital or medical organizations website and find .patient handouts relevant to your topic and use it.  Please send this handout/brochure to me before class if at all possible.
  4. There will be no excused absences given for Monday or Wednesday so everyone is expected to attend class.
  5. All groups must be ready to present on Monday.  We will decide at the beginning of class the order of presentations.


Group Presentation Topics



Inflammation – What is inflammation, causes of inflammation in the body, effects, treatments, prevention, dietary approaches, anti-inflammatory diet, how it impacts cardiovascular health/disease, impacts on other chronic conditions that might have negative synergistic effect on CVD.