Inequalities of Pay between Enlisted and Commissioned Officers in the Military

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The paper should inequalities in Pay between Officer and Enlisted Soldiers in the Military. The biggest disparity is because of the degrees officers hold. You can do comparison with other organizations that show the disparity with people with equal knowledge base but get lower wages because of their lack of higher education. I have a draft submission that I submitted and the Professor has corrections, if you can just correct the paper and make it flow, that will be sufficient. I’m also missing a Executive Summary which also needs to be composed. ( notes from the teacher)

One suggestion I have is to see how this disparity exists in other developed countries where the cost of living will be high. You could also study the gap between salaries of officers and staff in other Government sectors. I have a feeling that this gap exists everywhere so, one of your recommendations can be that better benefits ( fees for spouses, children”s education; memberships to gyms, paid travel etc.) can be offered to the soldiers.