Industrial Revolution

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+++Thesis example for my paper –“The Industrial Revolution was responsible for making the United States become a prosperous nation.” Any argumentative thesis on the result of the Industrial Revolution.
Assignment Instructions
These directions include an overview followed by exact requirements.
The purpose of this paper is to give you an opportunity to practice higher order research and to gain some familiarity with the conventions of the discipline of history. There are many directives for this paper which reflect the strict demands of the field of history which requires meticulous research and careful documentation of sources. This paper however is intended to be only an introduction to historical methodology and is therefore short (900-1200 words) and requires only 2 outside sources (that is 2 sources that are not from our lectures, textbook, or the primary source selections for Forums). I am available to offer feedback on your thesis, an outline, or a draft at any point before the deadline. Please feel free to Message me with any questions you may have about this paper or your ideas for it. There is no limit to the amount of feedback you can receive on the frontend of these paper assignments. Once the paper is submitted you will receive feedback on it to which you will respond in a specially designated Forum.
Exact Requirements
Exact Requirements for the Prompt
Pick ONE of the “Lesson Objectives” posted under the Lessons for weeks 4-6 under “Lesson Overview,” or one of the questions listed under each week’s Readings & Resources, and use it to create an argument-centered thesis statement(see under Argument Driven Papers below). Write a 900-1200 word argumentative paper in which you prove your thesis using at least 2 outside sources beyond the provided course materials that meet the criteria as listed in the Source Requirements and Paper Resources document. The format should be 12 point font, Times New Roman, double spaced. All pages except the first page should be numbered and the paper should include a title page. The essay is to be uploaded here in the Assignments section.
WA 2 is due week 6 and will be returned with a grade and three content related questions during week 7. You will pick one of these questions and respond to it during week 8 in a specially designated Forum.

Exact Requirements for Required Research Materials
The primary purpose of this assignment is to practice tracking down and utilizing higher order research materials. For this reason, all research materials used in the construction of the paper must adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Source Requirements and Paper Resources handout. Please read the Source Requirements document in its entirety.To summarize briefly, it specifies that the 2 outside sources must be one of 3 types: a) primary sources b) academic books and c) peer reviewed journal articles from specific history journal databases: JSTOR, PROQUEST, Academic Search Premier. Note that book reviews are not journal articles and should not be used in the papers. Note also that open websites can only be used in the formal papers for primary sources, not secondary sources. Tips on how to find such sources are included in the handout and there are research help threads in the Forum for the most popular topics. In addition to these 2 outside sources, the course textbook, lectures, and the primary source selections assigned for Forums may be used; the 2 outside sources, however, are required. No other sources should be consulted for your research and no other sources beyond the course materials and these 2 outside sources should be appear in the paper either in the footnotes or the bibliography.

Examples of argument-centered theses based on hypothetical sample Reading & Resources Questions or Lesson Objectives:
The paper must be an argumentative paper. Argument driven papers begin with an argumentative thesis. The thesis in such a paper cannot therefore be a question or a general description of a given topic. Rather, the thesis should be a statement of what you are going to prove in your paper. The structure of the paper should also be argument driven. Each body paragraph should present a �leg� of your argument and present, cite, and explain evidence to prove your thesis.
Examples of argument-centered theses based on hypothetical sample Reading & Resources Question (you may also use the weekly Lesson Objectives�both of these are located in the weekly Lessons):

Question: In the seventeenth century, the Spanish monarchy crumbled. Why?

Thesis option 1: The Spanish monarchy crumbled due to X and Y as can be demonstrated using two examples from history, the events of A and B.

Thesis option 2: The Spanish monarchy crumbled due to X and Y as can be seen in the contemporary accounts of A.

Checklist for your paper:
Does the paper use any resources from the open web? If so, are these primary sources or course assigned materials? (No other open web sites should be included in the paper)
Do I have 2 sources that were not already assigned for class that fall into these categories: a) primary sources b) academic books and c) peer reviewed journal articles (not book reviews) from specific history journal databases: JSTOR, PROQUEST, Academic Search Premier?.
Does the thesis statement reflect the point that I am trying to prove in my paper? Is it, in fact, a succinct statement of what I am trying to prove in this paper?
Does the structure of my paper reflect that this is an argumentative paper?
Does each section of my paper represent one �leg� of my overall argument? Have I made this clear to the reader?
Does each paragraph within my paper have one clear focus?
Does each paragraph in my paper tie back to the thesis, the point I am trying to prove?
Did I follow the formatting guidelines?
Did I cite properly in the body as well as at the end?
NOTE: the documents linked below are also located under Resources (left-hand side of the course site) if you cannot get these to open
Source Requirements and Paper Resources
Sample Paper
Written Assignment Rubric
Written Assignment Guidance and Requirements note this document states that the Chicago Manual of Style citation format must be used; this regulation has been relaxed and you may now use also either APA or MLA style; I am also not particular about the title page�I prefer that you have one but you can just put your name, the title, and the date