Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



This assignment requires you to prepare a report on ASL experience integrating knowledge and skills, theory and research relevant to working with people from diverse groups. Include a description of the ASL context and community examining the issues faced by people from diverse backgrounds. Reflect on the disparities between expectations and experience identifying specific skills and knowledge that have been developed including a description of a particular program (or part of) and/or policy and/or community of practice to improve educational outcomes of the agency clients. Discuss the relevance and application of skills and knowledge acquired through ASL to inclusive school settings with reference to professional and ethical considerations while working with people from diverse groups

In order to complete this assignment you need to:
� Engages with academic content through the use of 6 prescribed and other relevant readings in a way that demonstrates understanding.
� Describes the SL context and develops an understanding of the diverse nature of clientele with reference to relevant theory.
� Describes roles, responsibilities, knowledge & skills developed relating to teaching diverse groups present in the agency with reference to a relevant program and/or policy and/or community of practice.
� Through the use of journal entries, highlight the critical analysis of the disparities between your expectations & actual learning experiences in the placement context. Use critical reflections to consider ethical future teaching approaches for inclusive settings.
� Present work professionally, with clear academic writing and within the word limit and uses APA referencing style correctly, including competently integrating evidence.
� Submit 3-4 journal entries relating to your placement experience. They will be submitted as an ‘Appendix’ for Assessment Task 3: Individual Report on Service Learning Experience