In what way was the nineteenth century “the age of nationalism” in Europe?

Do not cite from websites, unless they are published by a reputable institution (such as a university, institute professional body or similar entity). Wikipedia is not a citable source.
When quoting from the work of others, you must provide both the page number of the citation as well as complete bibliographical information on the source (usually in a separate bibliography).
Presentation and organisation (35%):
Is the structure of the essay logical and clear? Is the writing style clear and comprehensible? Spelling and grammar.
Argument (35%):
Has the topic been convincingly addressed, and is it well argued? How well is close text analysis employed to support arguments? How effectively are the ideas and arguments developed?
Research (30%):
Is appropriate secondary literature used to support arguments? Does the essay reveal good comprehension and assimilation of secondary literature? Was the topic well researched (range of literature employed) and does the essay engage with key themes of the subject? Are sources cited appropriately? Is the bibliography accurate?