Improving Behavior and Relationships: Paul and Sarah Case Study

Paul and Sarah are having trouble with misbehavior from their two children, Jake and Amy. They have gotten notes from Jake’s teacher, who says that Jake never turns in any homework even though Sarah tells him to do his homework every night. Amy tends to get out of most punishments by begging her father to get her mother to “lighten up.” Jake and Amy both know that their father’s “bark is worse than his bite,” that is, he often threatens to “ground them forever,” but rarely remembers they are grounded the next day. When their father is not around, their mother lashes out at them verbally calling them “bad kids, who will never amount to anything unless they learn to behave.”
You are a psychologist who has studied the theories of Erikson, Piaget, and Kohlberg as well as remember from your college years, a lecture on classical and operant conditioning. You begin to think what advice/strategies these theorists would have provided to Paul and Sarah and decide that you would take the challenge to help them be better parents.
1.Recommend advice or strategies Paul and Sarah could implement to improve their children’ s behavior through the use of classical or operant conditioning? Provide facts to support your decision. .
2.What if Paul and Sarah do not change their parenting techniques? Predict Jake and Amy’s future according to the stages of development and attachment styles for future relationships. Provide research to support your opinion..