Implied terms of the SGA

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The topic of this essay is “The contents of a sales contract are not always written in it. Discuss the statement with reference to the (implied) terms of contracts.”
in every sales contract, there are terms that are always written in it. talk about these terms briefly with stating some of them. on the other side, the sales of goods act 1979 (SGA) talked about some terms that are implied (even if they were not written in the contract, the parties are expected to do them). section 12,13,14 and 15 of SGA explain these implied terms. after writing about the terms that are almost written in every sales contract, i want you to write in full details about the implied terms according to SGA. you need to include cases and relevant evidence
The Rubric for the essay:
1- The Structure: Introduction, Middle-part (Discussion), Conclusion, Bibliography, Referencing.
2- the quality of arguments: for and against, own opinion
3- you have to include relevant evidence, e.g., cases, statutory materials, references to textbook, academic articles, and/or other
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