Impact of corporate community involvement on the organisation’s own workforce



There is considerable evidence that an organisation’s involvement in the community can improve an organisation’s public reputation and employer brand appeal.

Less is understood about the impact of corporate community involvement on the organisation’s own workforce.

By exploring the evidence from recent research on this topic, discuss and analyse the relationship between an organisation’s involvement in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and employee embeddedness, satisfaction, engagement, and turnover.

The research report must be written in a critical or argumentative essay style. This means your research paper must offer a critical analysis of the topic that incorporates various viewpoints about the relevance/importance of the CSR activities and employee engagement and citizenship.

For example, from your review of the academic literature, is there agreement that CSR activities are useful for motivating and engaging employees? Do they increase organisational citizenship?

Do they have greater impact on different generations in the workforce?

What do other sources say?

Is there agreement on the implications of the CSR activities for recruiting and retaining a motivated, engaged workforce?


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