Impact of Abu Dhabi Municipality on Abu Dhabi City

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Use these articles for the Literature Review, and I want the literature review to be 5 pages, and it will be about the impact and role of Abu Dhabi Municipality and the positive effects on Abu Dhabi City (include these articles as 13 of the 20 sources I requested for the project):
These are the articles:
1. Parks and Recreation Facilities Division
2. ******Municipal Roads and Infrastructure Division
3. Infrastructure and Services Coordination Division

Functions of the Municipal Roads and Infrastructure Division:
• Prepares the master plan and consolidated budget of roads and infrastructure projects.
• Maintains the level of local roads network to meet the highest quality levels at world-class standards.
• Ensures highest traffic safety levels for users of roads network.
• Proposes new projects to improve the performance of roads & bridges network, carries out primary studies as well as technical & economic feasibility study, and follows up development & improvement works of projects undertaken by service providers.
• Prequalifies contractors and consultants to verify their competence in carrying out various projects, and endorses the technical staff of supervisory personnel at site.
• Prepares the terms of reference in order to invite consultants to take part in the new projects, obtains the required approvals, and compiles the list of consultants to be invited.
• Reviews and audits design reports and plans submitted by consultants in the successive phases of the design (initial, primary, final) from all engineering perspectives: (traffic, materials, construction, roads, lighting, sewage, and conflicting services among others.
• Follows up with contractors and consultants at construction and maintenance phase to ensure the projects are carried in conformity with contracts, and prepares periodical reports on the projects under study, design and construction phases along with the statistics required by senior bodies.
• Manages operation and maintenance contracts of light signals and traffic systems in the city of Abu Dhabi.
• Supervises demolition works and removal of visible aspects disfiguring the general appearance.
Support Services Sector
• Developing strategies to provide the municipality with all the required services.
• Supervise the performance and quality across the sector’s multiple divisions.
1. Accounting Division
2. Human Resources Division
3. Technical Planning Division
4. Legal Affairs Division
5. Facility & Security Division
6. Procurement Division
Functions of the Procurement Division:
• Conduct tender contracting and limited procurement methods along with other municipal projects.
• Organization of procurement processes for all Municipal affairs.
• Coordination of procurement activities with the concerned division.
• Check the specifications of the purchased items.
• Gather information on items, maintain a list of suppliers and build strong relationships with them in order to seek appropriate quotations.
• Negotiating with Contractors and Suppliers after approval by the Committee.
• Analysis and study of items purchased in terms of quality, price and delivery terms in coordination with the concerned division.
• Receive all applications from various division, study the same and provide them with all the data and information regarding materials and suppliers.
• Issuance of purchase orders and contracts.
• Supervision and updating of the list of suppliers and contractors.
• Setting up the annual procurement plan.
Services provided by division:
• Supplier Registration with ADM
• Rice Distribution Cards
• Rice Purchase from ADM
• Tenders – selling disposable material
• Tenders Participation
Functions of the General Manager offices include but are not limited to:
• Directing the development of short term and long term objectives, plans, and policies.
• Ensuring the effective implementation of our vision and mission.
• Ensuring alignment of work of our Sectors with set goals, objectives, and policies.
• Monitoring our strategic and financial performance relative to the established objectives and ensuring that corrective action plans are identified and implemented where necessary.
• Ensuring proper Direction to achieve results and output from our operating budget.
• Overseeing the planning and delivery of municipal services to all citizens.
• Ensuring the proper development and maintenance of the Municipality’s infrastructure, assets, and town planning.
• Representing us in all executive level meetings at Municipal Council meetings and external departments and organizations.
• General Manager offices are as follows
1. Investment Office
2. The Marketing and Corporate Communication Office
3. Project Management Office
4. Internal Audit Office
5. Advisors Office
6. General Manager Office
Functions of the Municipal Services Sector
• Supervise the management of land and property including registration and allocation.
• Supervise the activation of a high service level for successful community services.
• Lead the process of establishing comprehensive Service Centres, through the provision of integrated municipal government services.
• Supervise provision of services through indirect service channels.
• Supervise quality control programs in services.
The Municipal Services sector consists of the following divisions:
1. Community Services Division
2. External Service Centers Division
3. Customer Services Division
4. Lands & Real Estate Division
5. Public Health Division
Functions of the Strategic Planning and Performance Management Sector:
• To develop strategic objectives of the Municipality.
• Overseeing development of the Municipality’s five year strategic plan and detailed annual plan.
• Overseeing the formulation and development of plans and financial projections of the Municipality.
• Supervision to improve implementation mechanisms, policies and procedures, as well as Municipal Development frameworks.
• Supervision of the Municipality’s Public Relations and Communications plans.
The Strategic Planning and Performance Management sector consists of the following divisions:
1. Corporate Excellence Division
2. Financial Planning Division
3. Strategic Planning Division
4. Performance Management Division
Functions of the Town Planning Sector:
• Managing the processes, detailed planning and the division of urban uses and the issuance of policies and relevant rules.
• Manage the establishment, distribution, updating and maintenance of spatial data.
• Issuance of building permits.
• Management of paths and segments of different service lines.
The Town Planning sector consists of the following divisions:
1. Spatial Data Division
2. Urban Planning Division
3. Construction Permits Division
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