Hydroponics figure with capion and fianl data table

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Hypothesis: Calcium will affect the growth of Spinach Tyee.

prediction: Lack of Calcium will lead to Spinach Tyee’s leave and stem are rarely.

control: amount of water, sunlight, temperature PH value of hydroponics system.

Replicates: 2

data table: number of leaves in each group, number of stem in each group, leaf size in each group, the color of leaves and stem in each group and completeness of the leaves and stem.

specific details: our experiment test the affect of Ca in Spinach Tyee. And we will set up three group, keep other factor remain the same. The only difference within three groups are amount of Ca. In first group, there is no Ca. In second group, the amount of Ca is 5 ppm. In the three group, the amount of Ca is 10 ppm. Each group will set 2 replicates.

materials: CaCl2 solution, water, pH monitor, non-circulating hydroponic set-up, Spinach Tyee seedlings.

Hydroponics Figure Grading Rubric
Graph Mechanics
3 points
Axes clear and labeled (1 pt.)
Descriptive title (1 pt.)
Legend (1 pt.)
Data represented in clear and logical way
6 points
Control and test included and distinguished (2 pts.)
Separate plant species distinguished (2 pts.)
Type of representation appropriate for data (2 pts.)
Figure legend/caption
6 points
Explains any gaps/lack of data (2 pts.)
Explains a conclusion (2 pts.)
Explains how numbers were arrived at (2 pts.)
• May include experiment outline or simply which values were combined to make figure values
Total Points
Out of 15