HVS software- HCS report

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Our group are using the HVS software-HCS excel to do the hotel capitalization analysis. Please explain the three sheets one by one in the given excel in 2 pages. And the given PPT may give you some knowledge about this analysis or you can google what the software is to do this explanation.
1. Explain valuation input in the HVS software- HCS excel. In the input sheet, all the blue cell are the numbers input by our group. You have to explain the blue cells on the input sheet.
Hint: we got the inflation rate 3.0% from google/we got our NOI from our first project’s results/
2. explain the calcs sheet: in this sheet, only explain the LTV calcs part an no need to explain the DCR
3. Explain the output sheet: in this sheet, only explain the LTV part, whcih mainly explain the LTV ‘S Total Value, Mortgage Balance, Equity Value(those three big orange charts)