Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Please choose the SECOND QUESTION since I don’t have the textbook. This essay requires at least 8 scholarly references in Harvard Style. I’ll upload the full instruction and lecture slides for this essay.



Choose one of the following Essay Questions.


  1. Daniel Kolb popularised the notion that experience is crucial to the adult learning process. Kolb’s ‘experiential learning theory (ELT), is ‘one of the most influential stand-alone theories of individual learning in Human Resource Development (HRD)’. Some might argue, however, that the role of experience in HRD is over-rated. Discuss this argument. In your answer refer to experiential learning theory and two other theories of learning that are included in Chapter 4 of the textbook.




  1. In the field of training and development, some experts consider that Generation Y and Z workers learn in different ways than older generations and that this warrants the need for different training and development methods. Using adult learning theories and scholarly articles, examine whether this view is accurate.




  • The paper should be neatly presented with a cover sheet attached.


  • It should be up to 2000 words in total length (not including references etc). Assignments within + or – 10% of this total will not be penalised.


  • The essay must demonstrate the use of at least 8 scholarly references. The textbook does not count as a reference but can be used.  Avoid internet references except for those that come from academic databases.


  • Referencing is critical. Please use the Harvard system.  The words of others must be cited (referenced), as must the ideas of others.  A failure to reference may result in a significant grade penalty.


  • The format for the essay is to be 1.5 spaced and font size of 12 pt. Please show the word count on the title page of your essay.


  • Begin the essay with an Introduction and finish it with a Conclusion. An Introduction presents the context for the information to follow.