Human Resource Management homework help

employee training discussion week 7

Topic #1

Explain why diversity training is important. (show detail- please use the E-resources, course content and your own thoughts to help you). Cite all sources.


Topic #2

You will find the information you need in content, Week 6 (module).

1. Look at Kirkpatrick’s four levels of evaluation and justify why you would use all these levels even though your boss was interested only in the last one (results).

Note: explain why each level of evaluation is important, in detail for each level.

2. In your assignments, you are asked to create an evaluation tool to assess your training plan. Surveys are the most common form of assessment, but there are other choices. Name one evaluation tool other than a survey and identify how it could be used in your training plan.  Explain why this tool would be an effective way to assess your training objectives.