Human Resource: Employment Law and Labor Relation


Please answer each of the three short essay questions fully. These questions are drawn from the weekly reading assignment and are used to assess your understanding of key concepts presented. There are correct answers to these questions but points will also be awarded (or lost) based on recognition, analysis, and discussion of the issues involved.  Each answer is worth 15 points – total of 45.


Your responses should be numbered and submitted in MS Word format, double spaced, 12 pt font with your name on the paper.  Spelling, grammar, and punctuation do count so be sure to edit your work carefully. Submit them in the Written Assignments tab no later than end of day 7.


  1. Explain the differences between express and implied contracts. What steps can an organization take to minimize the formation of implied contracts of employment?


  1. X complains to his manager that an advertising campaign he has been working on is, in his opinion, making exaggerated claims about the product and is misleading. The manager replies that she believes there is nothing unethical or illegal about the claims being made about the product. When X refuses to continue working on the advertising campaign his employment is terminated. X then files a whistleblower suit against the employer. Will X be successful? Discuss thoroughly.


  1. The tort of defamation is becoming more prevalent in the workplace. What are the more likely scenarios/circumstances in the workplace in which this tort might arise? Explain the difference between the privilege possibly enjoyed by private and public sector employers when defamation is claimed.