Human Resource

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Topic: Discuss the premise that while Domestic Human Resource Policies and Practices and Multinational Human Resource Policies and practices have many similarities they have some very important differences.

Use at least 4 relevant industry examples to validate your answer. Failure to do so will result in failure of this assignment.

Word limit: 1600-2000, excluding reference list and appendices

A superior assignment will demonstrate relevant research skills, selection of appropriate examples, analysis and critical evaluation. A descriptive answer will not merit a pass.

1. You are expected to use on-line and off-line facilities to obtain:
• Academic literature to provide research evidence to support your answers.
• Examples from web sites which support your answers.
2. Your assignment should include at least 4 relevant references to the literature (in addition to any references made to commercial websites).
The assignment must be fully referenced throughout and must include a full and accurate reference list. The quality of references will be considered in the assessment process.
3. All published information with regards to organisation which you have used in the preparation of your assignment, should be included in your appendices.

IMPORTANT: Please follow the content structure that the teacher gave, I will upload as a picture, and also I will upload the teacher’s handout, please read and use the relevant knowledge to write.
I am studying International Business, this course is International Leadership & HRM, please use the relevant academic knowledge to prove it.
The similarity rate must be lower than 20%.