HUMAN IQ: Are We Smarter Than Our Parents

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The case study that you will assess in this unit discusses various national trends in IQ scores. The value of IQ scores varies widely among experts, and most people seem to have an opinion of them. Read the case study”Focus on Psychology– Are We Smarter Than Our Parents?” on page 229–231 of your text. Once you have read the case study, answer questions 1, 2, and 4 on page 231. ANSWER QUESTIONS 1, 2, and 4 ON THE LAST PAGE.
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Are We Smarter Than Our Parents
Human intelligence is believed to be a score derived from a standardized test that expresses the score as a quotient between mental age and the chronological (physical) age. This score is commonly referred to as the Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Such factors as parental social status, ill health incidences and mortality and parental IQ have been shown to influence the children’s IQ score. Of debate is the influence of heredity on the IQ score. HUMAN IQ 3 According to the Flynn Effect, the average IQ score has been on the rise with each new decade for most populations at a constant figure. The Flynn Effect on IQ scores supports two explanations; that people are getting smarter….ORDER NOW….@..
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