(HRM) How useful are psychological motivation theories in explaining behaviour in organizations?

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Essays need to address the task in an appropriate academic fashion, i.e. your arguments
need to be based on theoretical evidence and actually answer the question.
You need to form an argument. No point in writing everything you know about culture.
Make sure to define key terms
From your reading, begin planning the various topics you will use to answer the question.
These topics will form the structure of your essay.
STRUCTURE (1500-200 words)
Why the topic is important
Tell us the answer to the essay question
Definitions can go here (also ok if you elaborate definitions in the main body)
Outline of the essay
Main Body:
Refer to relevant literature show youve read !!!
Each paragraph focus on one topic
Logical flow of paragraphs
Each paragraph discusses topics relevant to essay question
Summarise essay
Repeat answer to question
When you state something and pretend its your own words. Any similarity that is higher than 4%
will raise alarm bells
OTHER NOTES (from handbook)
– Essay should be presentable (spelling, referencing and structure)
– Upload on Turnitin and on Unihelp on 6th of may
– Font: times new roman, size 12, line spacing 1.5
– Referencing: Harvard system
– If you do not follow the guidelines you will lose marks. If you follow the
guidelines, you will not be given marks for this as this is what you are expected
to do anyway.

Relevant papers may include:
Cullen, D. (1997) Maslow, monkeys and motivation theory. Organization, 4(3): 355-373.
Dye, K., Mills, A.J. and Weatherbee, T., (2005) Maslow: man interrupted: reading management theory in context. Management Decision 43(10): 1375-1395.
Herzberg, F. (2003) one more time: How do you motivate employees? Harvard Business Review 81(1): 87-96.
Horwitz, F.M., Chan Feng Heng and Quazi, H.A. (2003) Finders, keepers? Attracting, motivating and retaining knowledge workers, Human Resource Management Journal, 13(4), pp. 23-24.
Leonard, N.H., Beauvais, L. and Scholl, R.W. (1999) Work motivation: The incorporation of self-concept-based processes. Human Relations, 52(8): 969-998.
Rinehard, J.W. (2006) The tyranny of work: Alienation and the labour process (4th edition), Scarborough, ON: Nelson Thompson.

Further information
Essays should adhere to academic and scholarly standards, i.e. your arguments need to be based on theoretical and empirical evidence and actually address and elaborate on the essay topic. Before you submit you need to make sure that your essay is presentable, that you have checked spelling, referencing and structure. If you do not follow the guidelines (we will have a session on this) you will lose marks. However, if you follow the guidelines, you will not be given marks for this as this is what you are expected to do anyway.

-To be submitted to Unihelp Desk in the Library by 6th of May 2015.
-To be uploaded onto My Learning Turnitin online assessment function at same deadline
-Turnitin plagiarism report needs to be attached to hard copy please note that system requires at least 24 hours to be updated before second submission can be made
-Put the name of your seminar tutor on the cover sheet
-Deviation from word limit is accepted at level of +/- 10%
-Use font Times New Roman, size 12, line spacing 1,5, justified alignment
-Individual feedback will be provided by appointment and/or during office hours