How to change A tire for your car

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luaio. Assignm€d 4: Wdting lnstructions o. Proc€.lur€s
This is a grcup wdlifls asisnmenl- Yourieam will prcpa€ a set or pDcsdurcs for
carying out a pEes, or instruclions for operating or asmbllng a machine, a piece of
equipment, a p.oduct, or somo olher physical object wilh componenl parts and a
usable, pracli@l puDose.
Th6 purpo6e of thb as6l9nment is to make th. €xpl.na0on so clear that tho
roader c5n cany out the taslq foll@ the prccodure corecuy, or ass.mbt. the
€qulpm€nt or product j6t by rollowing your dlr.ctlons.
As a group, your team wlll:
1) led t’e topic ior th€ asslgnaent:
2) dlvlde f’e labor of pEpadng the asslgnment among indlvldual team memb€rsi
3) eEluate each ot’e/s wolk in dr,ait fo.m;
4)@mpile tt’e individual sections lnto one d@ument
5) ask som€on€ who ls
uilh the insiructions 1o follow lhem.
6) prcorr€d t€ f,nal EEion befoE it is lumed in,
R€aclhg: Se€ syllabus
1 . ldentily the pdmary audience ior whom your instructions or plocodul€s are
2. lnclude lhe following components in this order 2a. Explanaiion (one paragEph whici is an lnlroduction) of th. pllpose of
th€ proceduE, descdption, or a d.flnltlon of th. p.oc€s3 you are
.xplalnlng. What in other words, ar6 the insiructions iniend€d ro do or
accomplish? Think atout what your objectives are for the €ader What is
the pulpose or jusiiffcation of the insiruclions? (See ChaDter 9.)
2b. Descdption and/or list ofthe equlpment, tools, or malariats needed.
2c. SteFbrslep explanaiion of the prcoeduro or inslructions [o be iolowed_
PBenl the sl€ps or stsses in togiet or chrcnologicat oder. td€nlii/ and
number your st€ps ln outline fom as you 6xplain ihem. Inctude every Erep
in the prccess- Do not leave out any essentlal steps. Be concr€te and
precis€. Explain the sieps in speclflc detall,
2d. Explanalion ol mainlenance and storage, if needed.
2e. Trcubleshooling explanaton of what to do if eneit’ing goes wrong.
2f, Any sp€cial vamings or pl@ulions, if appli€ble.
3. Use visuals and qlaphics lo iltusrata yolr e)elanaiionlnclude
a dEwins, photo, or illuslElion of pads, sleps, or slaqes of the
mbly lhat will help ihe reade. undoEhnd the pmcess mo€ cleady. At least
one visual or g€phic is requied, though you ar. encoumged to Ge mor6,
[4ake cenain that Figures sre lifsd, labeled and pla@d apprcpnabv.
r pu;iluslralions come liom a published eurce (book, manua!, maqazin€, etc),
cite th€ source, usino APA or irLA style.
4. Use lomatling ischnhues 1o make the explanation dercr,
€.9., h63dings, r,hite space, bold, numbeEd lists, etc.
5. U* at leasi two oltside rererences and docum€nt them on a iRelerencei page
or wilhin the text of the manual, again using APA or MLA style.
6. Prepars a clear, specrlc, de$ndive title.
. 600-800 wDrds . al leasl 1″ maqins on alt sides; (leav6 % inch enE for bi.ding stde) . pase nlmbels on all insid€ pages . pnmary audienc€ idsnlified, pE erably in the litle or hiroduction . at least one visual (moe emmmended) . at lssttm eferenG
. nd dooimem should phFicsrry reaed its purpose and use . llte pase with 6lear, doscriptive ttle, includins audiene
A3siqnment Due Datos: . Ons group memo per team due: Nohmber 12, 20’14 . One d€fl (rc*ins) copy per ieam duq Novemh€r 17, 2014 . Ooe fnal copy per team dus: No€mber 24, 2013