How The Smithsonian relate to ancient Greek temples

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Drawing upon your Classics in DC Project, choose one selfish from your blog to research in greater detail and write a 2-3 page (800-1200 words) analysis of the relationship between ancient and modern worlds. Make sure your thesis of the relationship is argumentative and back it up with evidence you discovered in your research. Be sure to cite any outside sources and provide a bibliography OR footnotes with complete bibliographical entry. I will upload a photo of the Smithsonian if needed or you can look it up.

Argue how the Smithsonian museum relates to ancient Greek temples in the error of the Odyssey. The Smithsonian in Washington Dc is the museum of natural history. Explain with an argument how the Smithsonian’s architecture relates to the Ancient Greek temples because it is suppose to put emphasis that this is a place that puts focus on the study of natural history. The temples in those days were for the study religion and the study of the gods and goddesses because it’s architecture like the temple shows that this place is a place of studying just like the ancient Greek temples