How is fast food good for people?

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All drafts of essays must be a word document (.doc or .docx) and conform to MLA style. Your work should be typed, double-spaced, and printed in Times New Roman, 12 pt.

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English 108 Writing Assignment Two: Arguing a Position Argument ASSIGNMENT: Write a position paper that takes a stand on a controversial issue. By controversial or problematic, I mean that people are likely to disagree with your argument of X, that they are surprised at your positon, or that you are somehow opposing the common or expected view of X. After analyzing the rhetorical situation, you’ll narrow your topic and draft a claim, create supporting reasons,” provide evidence, and anticipate opposing viewpoints. “You’ll also study ways to avoid faulty logic that might weaken your points.” Learning Outcomes:  You will learn to state a claim that shows your position on something.  You will learn that in argument, a claim must be supported with reasons.  You will use research and support for your argument using compelling reasons backed up with evidence.  You will learn how to anticipate and refute objections to your argument.  You will learn to critique your own and others’ works.  You will learn to use direct quotations from your sources in your essay (at least two). Overview: 1. Your essay should clearly present your topic, define any terms and criteria. 2. Your introduction should present your issue, provide background, the claim you will support. 3. Strive to develop audience-based reasons. 4. The body of your argument should summarize and respond to opposing views as well as present reasons and evidence in support of your own position. 5. Your anticipated audience for this project may be the students and instructor in this class. 6. You will draw on the readings, class discussions, and your own personal experiences to help substantiate your points. 7. The required length is at least 4 full pages not including Works Cited page. 8. You must cite from two to three reliable sources (print, online, interviews, documentaries, speech, etc.) in your paper. You will document sources, using Use MLA documentation. 9. For all drafts, use MLA essay format. RESEARCH: Sources should come from your research to help you specify your claim. These should come from reliable outlets and suit the intention of your argument. Most importantly, each use of a source 2 should help you build your argument. This doesn’t mean that each source has to agree with your claim, but you should skillfully position outside work so that it compliments your project. We’ll spend some time in class talking about how to incorporate outside sources into your own writing. Remember: I’m looking for an argument – your argument – not a report on where other people stand on the issue! Readings for Discussion Ross Taylor, “Paintball: Promoter of Violence or Healthy Fun?” (PDF on Bb) (Due Thurs. 3/5) Priscilla Duran, “Language Discrimination,” pp. 331-334 (Due Tues 3/17) Faha Majoo, “You Have No Friends,” pp. 309-313 (Due Thurs. 3/19) Paul Farmer, “Health is a Human Right,” pp. 314-315 (Due Thurs 3/26) Order of Assignments: Topic Idea due Thu. 3/5. Two topic ideas required. Post on Bb by the start of class. Generate and explore ideas for your paper. Re-read pp. 317 and 322-23. Explain your topic; respond to questions in choosing a topic (find on Bb). Remember to state the issue question. Analysis of Rhetorical Situation due Tues. 3/17. Post on Bb by the start of class. Respond to questions for audience, arguing a position, genre and visual design, and exigence pages 319-321. Opposing Views and Rebuttal (start in class.) Use development worksheet provided. Research Development Assignment due Thu. 3/19. Bring to class. Use development worksheet provided. Complete Paper Outline with Developed Thesis with Tension due Thu. 3/19 Use development worksheet and provide an outline of your argument with developed thesis. Complete Rough Draft due Tues. 3/24. Post on Bb by the start of class. Bring a HARD copy of typed draft to class. Revised Draft due Thu. 3/26. Post on Bb by the start of class. Use the comments from your peer review to improve your paper. Bring a HARD copy of typed draft to class. Final Draft/Paper due Tue. 3/31 11:59 PM in Safe Assignment (Bb) Submission Packet: Two-Pocket Folder due Tues. 3/31 in class.