Hospital Acquired Infections & Poor Patient Outcomes

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Miami Dade College

School of Nursing

Quality Improvement Project Presentation (25% of the grade)

Leadership and Management Theory


Professor Valdes


The purpose of this assignment is to analyze how professional and clinical team performance affects quality of patient care and safety. In this assignment a group of 4-5 students will follow a standard Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) process to learn and evaluate quality improvement processes. This Assignment is worth 25% of the course grade and consists of a group presentation. Each member of your QI team will receive the same grade.

Criteria                     Points Possible Points Earned
Excellent Acceptable Not acceptable
  1. Significance of the Problem

Introduction presented in opening paragraph(s) what problem did you work on; what are you trying to improve?  Why did your group select this problem?

20 A problem/issue is clearly evident in the first paragraph of the paper Vague/incomplete description of Poorly describes or does not describe the problem
  1. Plan

Concise statement of what you plan to do in this testing

10 Clearly identifies Vaguely/incompletely  identifies Does not identify
  1. Background Information about the problem

Summarize evidence-based articles relevant to your problem and clearly state how your group used this information in your

State whether your problem is linked to a national quality or safety indicator for JCAHO, NQF, NCQA, or Healthy People 2010; if yes, state which indicator is included in one or more of these databases that is similar or the same to yours.

20 Clearly identifies and addresses key points

The problem/issue has excellent and sufficient scientific citations to demonstrate its significance.

Vaguely/incompletely identifies and addresses key points  Poorly organized, affects ability to follow
  1. Do

What did you observe? “Did everything go as planned?” “Did I have to modify the plan?”


20 Synthesizes

Provides an annotated bibliography with at least 8 resources.


Provides an annotated bibliography with at least 6  resources.


Doesn’t summarize

Provides an annotated bibliography with fewer than 5 resource

  1. Study /Narrative Summary of your outcomes

What happened? Did your outcome change? What would you do next (as next steps)?

20 Insightful analysis of Incomplete analysis of Analysis of plan lacks insight and incomplete
  1. Mechanics APA Format/References
10 Clearly organized and flows well

Appropriate sentence structure and punctuation

Organization affects flow or paper Poorly organized, affects ability to follow
Group Paper Total 100