Home Front Security

It is the right of every citizen to live in a safe environment. However, protecting the homeland can also be viewed as every citizen’s responsibility. Citizens could help to secure our homeland. But there are legal and operational barriers that could have an impact on this initiative.

Securing the homeland by taking the help of citizens is not a new concept in the United States. Internal security of the United States during World War II was an important national undertaking. The term “home front security” was used by the US administration as the US citizens volunteered for aerial surveillance, shore patrol, civil defense, and emergency medical services. The citizens and local police were organized and trained to report any suspicious activity near railroad yards, factories, and defense plants.

Although citizens are asked to be vigilant, could the involvement of untrained individuals in matters of security create new issues for the government?
In what way can citizens be used effectively and safely in security management and how can the use of citizens not only be a legal liability but also an operational hindrance?

Write your response using at least two scholarly sources, which may include the Argosy University online library resources, journal articles, and credible websites for this topic.