HLTH100 Professional Communication Practice

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Online assessment 4
Due date: Sunday 31st May 2015 by 1159PM

This is a short quiz that should not take you long to complete. The quiz will open on Monday 25th May 2015 at 9AM. However, you should complete the quiz as soon as you can as leaving things until the last minute could prevent you from doing your best.

There are 20 questions and the format consists of a combination of multiple choice and Yes/No questions. The quiz will assess online learning for Weeks 7-11.

How is this assessment connected to the learning outcomes?
This assessment relates to learning outcomes 2 and 3:

demonstrate effective interpersonal and communication skills with clients, families and significant others;
demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills with other professionals and professional organisations;
demonstrate effective inter-professional teamwork and collaboration skills;



Question 1


Your follow-up date, time and purpose with the patient is noted in which section of the SOAP?


Select 1



Question 2

Referrals by a health practitioner can be informal (verbal) or formal (in writing).



Question 3

Which of the four communication styles is reserved and usually avoids attention-seeking behaviour?

  1. Supportive



Question 4

Which of the following statements is false?

  1. Teams that get to know each other, meet regularly and are hierarchical in nature tend to have better communication.


Question 5

The term “record” in healthcare means.

-Document, photograph, database


Question 6

One of the main reasons cited by clients for lodging a complaint against a healthcare provider is


The belief that the same thing could happen to others in the future


Question 7

Your boss criticises you for something you do which you have no idea was causing a problem for him.  You had never really thought of it from his point of view.  However, you were surprised and distressed by the criticism.  The most reasonable assertive response would be:


Delay a response until you have had time to think about the issue



Q 8 – which of the following statements is false

SOAP is a mnemonic that stands for Subjective, Objective, Action Plan.


Question 9– Type A personality tends to be disorganised and a day dreamer who is always late for work.



Question 10

Effective teams are characterised by trust, respect and collaboration.



Question 11

Which of the following statements is false.


Health literacy is a common but minor safety concern.


Question 12


When a client presents for treatment there is an expectation that they will be treated with respect and their condition will be managed appropriately, effectively and professionally.


The frequency and magnitude of avoidable adverse patient events was not well known until the 1990s, when multiple countries reported staggering numbers of patients harmed and killed by medical errors.




Question 13

When team members agree on a solution or a position we say they have:

Reached consensus. (This could be the ones I got it wrong).


Question 14

Which of the following statements is false.


Trying to reason with a workplace bully is usually successful.


Question 15

Language may create confusion when technical terms created by a professional group are used with audiences unfamiliar with the terms.  This language-based obstacle to effective communication is called.




Question 16

This past week one of the patients, Kelly Kline, brought in her calendar that contained her blood glucose readings that she had gathered at home over the past month.  You want to document the readings that she has included on her calendar in your SOAP note following the interview.  Into which section should this information be added to.

Assessment – it is clear the patient’s glucose is uncontrolled and including these values backs up that claim.

Objective – the readings came from an electronic blood glucose machine


Question 17

Which of the following is NOT part of the steps listed for managing clients.

Understand your own personal interest in the situation.


Question 18

Which of the following statements relating to client safety is FALSE.

Belief, behaviour, norms and environment where client care can be provided error free.

Client safety is an old healthcare discipline that emphasis reporting, preventing, and analysis of medical errors that lead to adverse healthcare events.


Question 19

The stages involved in team building include:  clarifying the goal, identifying the inhibitors and removing the inhibitors.



Question 20

Acronyms can be very helpful in communication because they always mean the same thing regardless of the professional.