History Research Paper

Assignment Instructions

For this assignment, you must pick a historical topic from the list below. Students are expected to write a three to four page paper on the topic. This page guideline does not include title pages and bibliographies. In other words, there needs to be 3-4 pages of actual content.

The entire paper must be your original work-the system will check your paper using anti-plagiarism software. Also, please avoid using quotes. A short and compelling quote that is clearly identified is okay, but your paper will be evaluated based on your own words.

1. Summarize the topic using specific examples throughout history. For example, if you were writing about the history of African American troops in the Civil War, you would want to talk about recruiting, training, the experiences of different regiments, and major battles. If you were writing about the experience of women you would want to provide specific examples of individual slaves as well as major issues affecting women.
2. What is the evidence for your viewpoint? Since, this is a history class; you will have to find concrete and reliable evidence for your viewpoint. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO REFERENCE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES AND CITE YOUR SOURCES! I understand that you may not be used to citing sources, and am much more concerned that you did real research than whether your citations are flawless. However, part of being a historian is citing sources so please do give this your best shot. Historians use the Chicago Style of citing sources but you may also use the APA or MLA style if you would prefer.
3. Summary: summarize your paper in the final paragraph, showing the connection between your main argument or arguments and the evidence and examples from history you used to support those arguments.
The paper will be typed in Microsoft word using Times New Roman font (12), double spaced, with the preset margins. Submit the paper as a MS Word attachment (if this is not possible you may copy-and-paste your paper into the text box below but please double-check the formatting).
The paper is due in Week 6-no later than Sunday at midnight for full credit. In week seven I will respond with a follow-up questions that is worth 2% of your course grade.
Late papers will be penalized at the rate of 10% per week (No exceptions!). Turning in your research paper late may also result in the loss of the opportunity to respond to a follow-up question from the instructor.
Here is a list of certain topics that are part of the African American experience before 1877. Pick one of these topics and go from there!
The Atlantic Slave Trade
The Experience of Women in Slavery
Life on Plantations and Everyday Rebellion
Bacon’s Rebellion
Gabriel’s Rebellion
Nat Turner’s Rebellion
The Haitian Revolution
Black Soldiers in the Revolutionary War
The Origin of the Independent Black Churches
The Missouri Compromise
Antebellum Black Conventions
Fugitive Slave Laws
The Dred Scott Decision
Harper’s Ferry
The Emancipation Proclamation
Black Soldiers in the Civil War
The Freedmen’s Bureau
Black Codes
The Failure of Reconstruction
David Walker and his published “Appeal”
Frederick Douglass
Harriet Tubman
Sojourner Truth
Slavery as the cause of the Civil War
Your work will be submitted to Turnitin.com to make sure that your paper is your original work. You will be able to see a report–don’t worry about a few small matches–this is natural. If your paper includes entire sentences that are identical to those of others, you will want to revise the paper before submitting.