History of Latin America

Evaluate the achievements of the Cardenas era`s reform program of 1934-1940, noting its positive and negative aspects. Include in your discussion how it affected peasants and workers, what role women played and how it affected their struggle for equality.


Discuss the main factors that shaped the Brazilian social, economic and cultural development in the early 20th century. In your discussion, please an explanation of Vargas` populist program, how it evolved, and how it affected various sectors of Brazilian society, what specific role women played; and how race and class rivalries affected the development of popular culture in Brazil.


Review the social, political, and economic history of 20th century Argentina. In your answer, discuss the strengths and weakness by including commentary on the role of the military, a comparison and contrast of Hipolito Yrigoyen and Juan Peron, Their careers, why each succeeded, and why each ultimately failed; and a description of the impact of the feminist movement on the course of modem Argentine populism.