History Of Latin America

History Of Latin America

Answer each of the following questions in an essay format (each question must have 1 page answer).  Refer to the book Politics of Latin America by Harry E. Vanden and Gary Prevost “Third Edition” with a focus on Chapter 17, 18, 19. Also, refer to the documentaries “The Revolution Will not be Televised” and ” Fidel” to respond to the questions appropriately. Make sure to include the pages #’s of the book that you used under each questions.

1.    How Fidel Castro come to power. What strategies were utilized and who were some of the primary players in the Cuban Revolution? Restrict your discussion to events prior to 1959. ( Note: use book and documentary)

2.    In reference to “The Revolution Will not be Televised” discuss the differences between the Chavistas and anti-Chavistas in Venezuela. What pushed the Chavistas into political power and when did it happen? What was the Chavista appeal to the masses? Which side are you on and why?

3.    What type of personal and professional characteristics did Fidel Castro reveal in the documentary” Fidel”? What are some of Fidel Castro’s personal and professional characteristics that his friends, observers, and critics reveal about him? Other than your opinion, include those of Alice Walker, Jesse Helms, Garcia Marquez, and Nelson Mandella, for examples.

4.    What was the Cuban economic response to fall of the Soviet Union? Given the situation today would you call the response good or bad, successful or unsuccessful?

5.     The diplomatic, political, and economic relationship between Cuba and Venezuela is cozy and reciprocal (include the example of exchange of oil and doctors). What does this mean? What type of exchanges takes place between the countries and how are they beneficial to both? Include in your discussion the prospects for continuing relationship through the coming years given the current situation in Cuba and Venezuela

6.    You have billions of dollars to invest in the lithium industry in Bolivia, but you do not like the current government leadership (Note: Lithium is used in batteries). What diplomatic or other steps would you initiate to insure that your investment is sound? Define what you want out of this investment. How far are you willing to ego to achieve your objectives?

7.     If politics concerns power and influence and how resources are allocated in a society, how would you situate this position in the context of Latin America? Use countries to exemplify your points (2-3 examples). That is, what resources are allocated, what authoritative positions are handed out, and so on.

8.    Discuss Two Latin American revolutions. Which ones triumphed and which ones did not? In recognition of those who lost their lives in the revolutions what has the people that came after them done to save the revolution or return the countries to pre-revolutionary status?  (Note: Preferably choose two contrasting revolutions) (Note: examples, The Mexican revolution, Cuban revolution and Nicaraguan revolution). Discuss in terms of political objectives, type of revolution, tactics that were utilized in that revolution