History of design

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Creative Project Rubric
Create a design that expresses the ideas and values of one particular movement, artist/ designer or period covered in the History of Design 1850-2000 course. If you would like to choose two movements, please be sure in your written statements to clearly state how you expresses the ideas and values of the both movements. The project can be completed in any medium. You are required to present and submit the project on Thursday, May 7, 2015. *Please note: your design should not be an imitation of another work of art.
1. Proposal in a paragraph write a summary (3-4 sentences) on the project: design
idea, execution plan, and presentation format.
2. Design make the design in any medium: a physical object (prototype),
drawing(s), or a digital file (i.e.: Photoshop, Illustrator, SketchUp, Maya, Rhino, AutoCAD, InDesign).
3. Presentation create a PowerPoint presentation (maximum 6 slides), introducing
the following components:

  • Slide 1: student name, title of project, course name/semester, and date. – Slides 2+3: introduce context of chosen movement, artist/designer or period. – Slide 4: inspiration ideas OR image(s) of comparable works of art. – Slides 5+6: design process and sketches (*if your design is a digital file include it on slide 6)
  1. Written Statement in 250-500 words, describe and analyze how your design relates to the values and ideas of the movement, artist/designer or period you

I decided to do Art Nouveau: The New Style in Europe.
Can you write about Art Nouveau’s design, like posters (ex. cigarette poster), lithography (color lithograph) and illustrations in art nouveau period?