History homework help

Chapter 19: Lands of Bolivar: Military crisis, state repression, and popular democracy.

  1. How did the Great Depression and WWII affect development in Columbia and Venezuela?
  2.  How did Hugo Chavez’s movement for popular democracy affect Venezuela’s military, and how did its policies affect national development?

Chapter 20: Deconstructing the state: Dictators and neoliberal markets.

  1. Discuss how various foreigners and different Latin American social classes or interest groups, such as large landowners; industrialists;  middle-class sectors; women; workers; peasants; Afro-Latinos; and indigenous peoples were affected by neoliberal policies. *
  2.  How did U.S. intervention affect Nicaraguan democratic institutions and the emergence of neoliberalism?

Chapter 21: Transcending neoliberalism: Electoral enganos and popular resistance to the dictatorship of markets.

  1.     2.   What was the “Pink Tide”, and how did it reflect the reactions of popular social movements to these

    electoral “enganos” and the neoliberal policies that they made possible?

    3.   Discuss what Cuba did to survive the economic crisis of the 1990’s and what affect this had upon the

    Cuban people.