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Webliography Assignment on Abolition of slavery in America (4 websites)

There is a great deal of information available on the web and you can do much of your research from your computer. However, not everything on the web is suitable for academic research. This assignment will help you evaluate web sites that you find on the web.

This assignment is essentially an expansion of the Week 2 Discussion but now you need to find web sources related to your research proposal. Find at least three (3) websites related to your research proposal. These can be online exhibits like the ones from the discussion, or they can be databases, academic/scholarly sources, government organizations, privately run website, or most anything else. You may not use Wikipedia or any other online encyclopedia as one of your three websites.

For each website, write up a 1-2 page summary of the content and evaluating the site’s value to a research project. When doing this, consider the following:

Who created the website and are they trustworthy? Is it a government organization like the Smithsonian or the US Army? College or university? Museum? Private individual?

Do they explain the history of the project? What do they view as the strength of the site? Are they trying to increase access to a story or a set of documents? Is the subject misunderstood and they are trying to bring clarity to the subject? Is it really geared as a marketing tool for you to visit a place or a thing?

Do they have a target audience? School kids? Researchers? The general population? How does the help or hurt the website?

Is it accurate? Does it have citations or a bibliography to check the information?

How does this website benefit your research? Is it giving you the chronology or basic facts of the topic? Give you access to good primary sources? Does something seem wrong with the website, which is inspiring you to investigate something further?


It is perfectly acceptable to write up a review for terrible websites.