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History Alexander

Chapter 4

1. Read in the text about Alexander’s attempt to fuse Greek and Eastern cultures (116-120 -see box Alexander meets an Indian King, 115). Then go to: Alexander the Great– a from a BBC documentary. The video will have to be opened in a new window.

Write a brief review after watching the documentary (You don’t have to watch the entire hour). What does Wood have to say about the scope of Alexander the Great’s accomplishments? Does watching a video set in the actual landscape of Macedonia and Turkey help understand the history of an ancient civilization? How?

2. Go to: Building of the Parthenon  and Optical ‘tricks’ at the Parthenon to see the accomplishments of Greek architects and politicians. What is the connection between Athenian politics and the building of the Parthenon? What illusions were utlitzed by the architects and engineers to emphasize the grandeur of the Parthenon?
Chapter 5
Select TWO of the following questions and complete the links assignments: Remember to mention source material in your response.(Select 3 for extra credit 
1. Go to:  Roman Writers view their world and choose 2 authors to write an essay on entertainments and past times of Roman citizens and how eyewitnesses wrote about their world. Who are they? What position did they hold in Roman society? Is this important to their view point?
2. Go to Christian symbolism and  Colors in religious art and write about  how a  largely illiterate (slave and lower class Romans and client state residents) society could learn about this new “Christian” religion through art, symbolism and color. How would this help the conversion process?
3. Go to  Sights along the Silk Road. Click on the interactive maps and visit several of the stops along the Silk Road. What did you find? Learn? Then go to : Silk Road Project. Click on “Music and Artists.” Then “Listen to Music.” Click on  a  title for ex: “Arabian”  to listen to sample of the music and instrument.   Write on your findings.
You may have to update your “Flash” player to hear music